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.:Power Supply:.


 The supply of electrical power to the field was by means of a high voltage (132,000volts) transmission line, from Morgan some 201Kms. distance.



 .:Water Supply:.

 2 million Gallon Water Tank (in the background) 

Because the average rainfall was only 190 mm. per year and the evaporation rate about 2.500m, water was piped in from Umberumberka Reservoir near Broken Hill, some 85 Kms. distance.

The maximum delivery rate was 5.6 million litres per week.





A spur line was constructed from the main Broken Hill line, a distance of 18 Km. 

The first train into Radium Hill arrived on the 2nd Oct 1953, and was called the "Atomic Comet".





An aerodrome was constructed and regular flights by Guinea Airways enabled Broken Hill to be reached in18 minutes andAdelaide in 2 hours.

 The Royal Flying Doctor Service made use of the field for emergency and regular visits by the Flying Doctor.



Initially from Olary but later from Cutana following the railway spur line. At times the bumpy, dusty, road conditions caused a number of accidents to occur.


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